Fees can be calculated per standard page, as an hourly rate or for a whole project. Every text has its own ambitions, characteristics and may require a different level of work. Therefore, I always ask to see the text or a representative sample before giving an individual quote.

If your project is rather extensive, I offer you a free copy-edit/proofreading sample (one representative page) in advance, in order to convince yourself of the quality.

My fee will be increased by 50%, if you ask me to carry out urgent work that needs to be completed outside normal office hours.

I work onscreen with marks and comments, in MS-Word/OpenOffice/LibreOffice using track changes of course, or on paper. You stay on top of things and decide, whether you want to accept my suggestions.

I understand a standard page as consisting of 1600 keystrokes (including blanks).

I offer student specials for academic theses. Just contact me!


  • check of grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography
    (e. g. use of italics and bold)
  • correction of typos
  • check of design and for consistency of style (with comments, where appropriate)
  • check for consistency of terminology

€4,50 per standard page
or €32,00 per hour (ca. 5 to 8 standard pages)


  • check of the document structure
    • consistency of structure, headings, index and citation method according to guidelines or individual demands

Depending on time and effort, my fee is €1,50 to €4,50 per standard page.


  • proofreading services with correction (if desired using track changes)
  • content:
    • check for readability, comprehensibility,  conclusiveness/logic of arguments
    • check for redundance
    • improvement/restructuring suggestions for problematic sentences
  • style:
    • check for cogency
    • improvement suggestions to avoid repetition of words and phrases, passive sentence structure, multi-clause sentences
    • check for adequate use of terminology, idioms and metaphors
  • check for accuracy of table of content, headings, index according to guidelines (academic texts)
  • improvement suggestions to ensure consistency across the text

€6,50 per standard page
or €40,00 per hour (ca. 3 to 7 standard pages)


€1,30 per standard line
or €40,00 per hour

I understand a standard line as consisting of 55 keystrokes (including blanks).

Please contact me if you need further information or want to submit a request for quotation.